It is what it is!

I’m bring this back to you guys; this is the hottest video of the year!

Wow! When I viewed this hot-as-fuck video from DickDorm, I immediately fell in love with the frat boi getting his dick sucked in the photo above.  (I loved it when he said “it is what it is”.)  This video has to go down in history as one of my favorite “straight guys having gay sex” video of all time.  I’m not kidding.  The video clip you see here is a brief highlight of the video “Happy Day“, which is over an hour long.  Man, you gotta check out DickDorm!  Just remember if you sign up for their trial membership you won’t be able to view the videos all the way to the end.  Get the full month!  More about this video from DickDorm:

Turning a straight guy gay is pretty much every gay guys dream, Don’t lie.  I know that’s half the reason you are here too.  When I got this submission I nearly fell off my chair. I have to tell you, after seeing this one, I watched the whoooooole thing twice. This kid is hot. Great face and a great body. I definitely get the straight vibe from him the minute I first see him. His sneaky little chick friend has a trick up her sleeve. Her best friend confides in her that he might want to try something with a guy. With this information what best girl friend wouldn’t run out, gather some hot gay guys she knows, throw a birthday party, and get you super drunk, blindfold you, and then sick some guys on you for your very first time. Come to think of it, I need a new best girl friend. Enjoy the show. I know we did.

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