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(LAS VEGAS, NV) – With their recent 2012 Grabby Award win for Best Original Content Site and so many fans in the blogosphere singing their praises, one might be led to wonder: What’s the big deal about Austin Zane anyway?!

…Do they really live up to the hype?

…Is the sex on this amateur site really all that hot?

…Do these two “straight” best friends actually fuck for realsies?

Did you miss the show? Watch the preview video below for a little taste of what Austin Zane has to offer!

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Watch AustinZane live now!

AustinZane is having a live sex show RIGHT NOW! Click here to sign up if you’re not a member! Tony and Zane are gonna fuck!

More stuff coming up later tonite! We’re back!

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Don't tell me they don't like fucking boy ass!

Wow, by the time I get around to posting this hot update from AustinZane, they already have 3 new updates posted after this one! Anyway… this one is way hot!

Goals-Reached, Holes-Breached

Before we launched our site, we had some pretty ambitious goals for AZ. As our site continues to grow, we occasionally meet and exceed some of those milestones. Today happens to be one of those days, so we thought we would celebrate with a steamy Austin and Zane video. Originally, Zane was going to top Austin, but some computer problems and other work issues had Austin bogged down and he didn’t have time to properly prepare so Zane steps up and takes it like a champ!

Watch the clip below! Then sign up for more!

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Austin fucks Bret GOOD!

This is one of the latest updates from Austin and Zane! The hottest straight guys in gay porn!

SEXtional Couch

There’s so many new and exciting things going on behind-the-scenes here at that we’re just going to have to start rolling them out one-by-one. Today’s shoot actually reveals 2 of our “news”. It’s our first shoot with our new camera and the first shoot in our new shooting location. We’ve been saving every penny since we launched and we’ve been growing like crazy so we’re finally able to have a new location outside of our tiny apartment. Today’s shoot takes place on our new shooting couch with Austin and Bret and they show us the right way to put the SEX into sectional.- You can watch the full video only at AustinZane!  Where friendship has its benefits!

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austinzane-boulder-bang-photo Where friendship has its benefits!

This is the latest update from Austin and Zane! The hottest straight guys in gay porn!


When Bret got his rocks off during his solo video, we rock climbed all the way to the top of a mountain to film it. In today’s release, we’re in the same mountains but we find some greenery to help us stay secluded from fellow hikers. This time we decided since we climbed all-the-way, we should go ALL-the-WAY! The red rocks and the blue sky make for a perfect backdrop as Austin sprays his white load after banging out Zane! You can watch the full video only at AustinZane!  Where friendship has its benefits!

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Wow, Bret

This is my most favorite video that Austin and Zane have done! Once again, we have a newbie (Bret) gettin fucked and his dick stays rock hard the whole time Zane’s cock is in his ass! And I love watching straight boiz kiss! Hot! Okay, I’ll give away the secret; Zane fucks the cum out of Bret! (That’s the something Bret’s never done before)


There are so many different components to filming an AustinZane shoot. There’s the camera, the lighting, the location- so many things that could possibly go wrong. In today’s update, we discover a new aspect that could jeopardize a shoot…. Laughter. What started out as a normal shoot quickly deteriorated when Zane couldn’t stop laughing at Bret when he starting sucking on his balls. We cut and then tried to restart the shoot but the laughing just couldn’t be stopped! We eventually decided to redo the shoot on a different day which ends up paying off… Bret does something he’s never done before…

Only at! “where friendship has its benefits!

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Zane getsf fucked again!

This is one of my most favorite videos that Austin and Zane have done; Zane is pretty new at getting fucked but his dick stays rock hard the whole time Austin’s cock is in his ass! And I love it when they kiss at the end! Hot!


When we finally decided to start our very own site in early December 2010, we set a pretty ambitious goal launch-date for April 25th and started combining all of our ideas with the fan’s suggestions to figure out just what our new site would be. While we couldn’t incorporate every great idea at the very beginning of AustinZane, we tried to include as many of the best ideas as possible. With the design and functions of the site figured out, we started a brutal shooting schedule to make sure we had enough content by our deadline. Today’s update features the very last shoot of 2010 and since we were in the spirit of giving, we give the members a behind-the-scenes tour before ending the year with a bang!

Only at! “where friendship has its benefits!

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Check out the hot as fuck new!

The wild and crazy straight boys Austin and Zane have done it again… Is there anything they can’t do?


To the man that once said “The early bird catches the worm,” I say, “The early worm gets sucked and fucked!” We’re running out of places to shoot in our tiny 2 bedroom apartment so this morning we find ourselves shooting in the kitchen… and on the kitchen. I actually thought I was going to get to demonstrate my amazing egg-cooking abilities before we started the shoot but I guess Austin just couldn’t wait to fuck me and interrupts me cooking and dives in to start eating my ass. Things get hardcore before I bust a load that it worthy of a slow-motion replay! Check out the Director’s Cut version as well! Only at! “where friendship has its benefits!

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Austin welcomes Bret with his dick in Bret's ass!


Bret just moved into the AustinZane apartment and Austin wanted to welcome him with open arms and with his dick in Bret’s ass. In today’s update, we start off with a toast to our new roommate before heading out to the Vegas strip to celebrate and promote the site. At some point in the night, Zane gets hammered (or roofied) and has to be carried home so with our camera-man down for the count, we decide to shoot Austin fucking Bret the following night. Bret takes it like a champ as Austin pounds his twink-ass into the night!

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austinzane-zane loses-ass-virginity-photo

Watch Zane get fucked for the very first time!

NEW ON DRAB BOIZ!! This website is brand new; Austin and Zane have been working on it for months now, and we’ve been ever so fucking patient for this to finally launch! You may have seen these guys on another website, but they have parted ways and started their own uber-hawt site.  You’ll be seeing more of these guys, so watch the video and sign up to see all of their hot as fuck videos! You’ll be glad you did!

More about

For those of you that don’t know who we are, we are Austin Andrews and Zane Michaels. We are real-life best friends and yes, we are both straight. We met a few years ago in Las Vegas while working for another porn company and it seemed that almost instantly, we became best friends. We’ve had our ups and downs along the way, (no pun intended!) but fast forward two years and we decided that if we worked hard enough and didn’t lose focus of what our fans wanted, we could start our own company and create a porn site better than anything else out there! We’ve put just about all of our time, money, and energy into creating a quality product and now that we have finally launched, we can say that every sleepless night was well-worth it and we hope that you agree. We hope has a long and successful run because at the end of the day, who wouldn’t wanna work with their best friend!? And if you ever see us out and about, please come up and say hi, we love meeting our fans!


Talk about a shoot that has been years in the making. I had a feeling this shoot was coming for a long, long time but I was always apprehensive to the idea. It was only fair that since I took Austin’s ass-virginity, that he would return the favor to me. Unlike Austin, I spent days preparing myself because I remembered how much pain he was in during his first time. It still hurt when he first put it in, but as soon as he was in, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Practice pays off! Check out today’s blog update (April 3rd) to see a blooper from Austin’s first butt-sex on the site…

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