Watch Jay suck, lick, and rim Tiny’s beautiful asshole!

We’re working on a hot promo video with Jay’s Straight Guys‘ Tiny! One of our favorite hot straight dudes! Hot promo video is coming up next! Watch for it! (We love Tiny’s low hanging hairy balls!) See more of Tiny, Bently, Guzzo, and Kai only at Jay’s Straight Guys!

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One Response to “New! Jay’s Straight Guys! DrabBoiz Fave Tiny!”

J August 14, 2013

I joined this site a while back and was disappointed that there was only a handful of videos and it hadn’t been updated forever and I paid decent money. There was really no way of telling before I signed up, because the site doesn’t give much information before you pay (unlike the good ol’ ASG used to be). I miss ASG, I thought and still think, it was by far one of the hottest sites for amateur content.

Has JSG relaunched? Or what’s the deal? Thanks!