Never thought I would see Christian gettin’ fucked!

Three clips from the latest hot as fuck videos at GuysInSweatPants!

1. Anthony and Austin Flip Fuck
Your favorite pairing is back! Without any scenario required, these two passionately ravage each other from head to toe, as they usually do. Austin hadn’t planned on bottoming, but after Anthony was done eating his ass for so long, not getting fucked wasn’t an option. And nothing is hotter than a smile on someone’s face when getting penetrated. Of course Austin returned the favor by fucking Anthony until his eyes rolled in the back of his head. They end with Anthony getting the cum fucked out of him… and Austin simultaneously cumming inside Anthony. And then a high-five for good measure.

2. Post-Jog Sex
Before they fucked, Elliott and Ben wanted to go for a jog. So naturally, we filmed some of it. Upon returning to the house, they couldn’t even wait to get inside before Ben had his fingers in Elliott’s ass and Elliott had Ben’s huge cock out and hard. Once inside, Ben wasted no time before sticking his dick down Elliott’s throat, rimming him and then, without even taking off all of his clothes, penetrating Elliott. To avoid having to clean up at the end, Ben takes all of Elliott’s cum and fingers it back inside him. Hot!

3. The Coverup Austin Wilde, Christian Wilde (Christian Wilde gets fucked!)
SPECIAL UPDATE! From our friends over at Naked Sword, we present to you “The Coverup”, which consists of Christian Wilde bottom for the first time ever! Christian and Austin have known each other for years, and having wanted to fuck each other probably that entire time, but never given the chance, we knew this was going to be hot and passionate. After sucking each other’s dicks for awhile, Austin throws Christian on the bed and dives into his ass…to prepare him. If you watch closely, Christian actually gets harder as Austin slides his dick deep inside him- we all know what that means. To keep it fair, Christian then fucks Austin until they both cum all over him. It’s safe to say that they both really enjoyed this…

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Check out the hot new site GuysInSweatPants!

Check out the hot new site GuysInSweatPants!

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3 Responses to “The Coverup: Christian Wilde Bottoms!”

Nick August 9, 2013

It’s hot to see a tattooed ‘top’ take it up the butt, especially from Austin. He’s such a sexy fucker with attitude.

Mr. WildWildWest January 16, 2014

Love your blog!

dave smith July 2, 2014